Sushi Kit - STANDARD

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Everything you need to easily make quality sushi, safe in the comfort of your own home. Flash frozen fish, dry rice, vinegar and all the remaining ingredients to make our fresh rolls, maybe even better :) 

  • Flash Frozen - Salmon, Hamachi, Tuna, Kanikama Sticks
  • Keep Refrigerated - Avocado, Shiso Leaf, Pickled Radish, Cucumber, Jalapeno
  • Dry & Other - Nori Seaweed, Short Grain Rice, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Ginger, Scallion, Sesame

The only cooking that is required is sushi rice in a glass-covered pot, and a bowl to mix with vinegar later. Closely follow the instructions on the rice bag for more details. First timers may want to consider purchasing a 2nd rice set. 



Customer Reviews

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Amazing experience!

The kit came SO fast and the fish was top quality. Really fun to do at home!

P. Zafarana
Pretty fun...but needs some work

The kit arrived in ok shape. They were missing cooling packs or dry ice of sorts. The bag of rice had exploded in the package but we were able to salvage it. I really wish they would have included some instructions on how to prepare the sushi and combo suggestions. Luckily I had a bamboo mat handy to use to roll the sushi. Overall the food was good, but the presentation of the items in the kit needed some work. I may be a harsh critic, as my business is kitting and packaging, hopefully the critique is taken in the manner in which it was intended. Good food, but could step up their game on packaging and presentation, after all, Sushi is an art form, so should their packaging be. I actually needed it for a planned family event, they took it upon themselves to adjust ( without my concent) to ship it on their time, when I had requested next day service, which was pricey.

Mike Johnson

The wife and I go to Chinese buffets often and I don't eat the sushi, tried it once and did not like it. My wife complained about why I would buy the MakiMaki kit bought it because I knew our grandson would not eat it. Well after all that it was absolutely fantastic. My wife loved it and surprising to me I also loved it. The wife is not looking for ingredients to make her own. Well Done

Marc Sandler
Great product but the packaging ruined the experience

We ordered this as a gift for someone, and while they loved making their own sushi and enjoyed the experience, the product arrived with no protection or securing mechanisms of any kind. The sesame seeds container was broken so seeds were everywhere, and the ingredients had been bounced around the entire journey. If some packaging enhancements were made this would be a 5 star review easily.

John Chacko
Packaging and instructions

The sushi was very good, but the boxing /shipping could use some improvement. The box arrived without any perishable labels, so it remained on my porch for a while and sat on my counter with other deliveries before we realized what it was. The ice was already melted and there weren't instructions on how to separate and refrigerate or freeze items for later use. We planned on using the kit 3 days after we received it, so we froze the fish and refrigerated the rest. Also, the sesame seed container broke open during shipment and the box was spilling out sesame seeds when we picked it up from the porch. Otherwise, the food was very good to eat and the family enjoyed the experience.