Usually it takes years of practice to prepare a madai sea bream. From washing and scaling, to deboning and de-skinning the fish... not to mention removing the head, tale and internal organs....

Fortunately MakiMaki's madai seabream has all the difficult steps removed. All you have to do is thaw the fish in the refrigerator, and thinly slice by angling the knife's blade and making long broad strokes. 

Start from the head side (wider) and firmly press with your finger against the flesh, slice your knife at an angle just 1/4" to 1/2" below your finger. Carefully slice with the entire edge of the blade, making as long of a stroke as possible. (Avoid making sawing motions which can ruin the texture of the flesh)

Once you cut a piece, adjust your hands and knife as you move down the fillet, repeating the same slicing motion. Again try to use the entire edge of your blade.

Make a simple arrangement of the shiso leaves on a plate. Use your knife to pickup roughly 3~4 slices and gently place over the shiso. Serve with some ponzu and enjoy your own omakase sushi.

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